Andreas Haefliger comes from a rich tradition of music making and is acclaimed for his sensitivity, musical insights and transcendent pianism.

Known for his innovative programming, he brings an all-encompassing passion and humanity to his concert appearances and recordings.

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John Allison reviews the May 15 Wigmore Hall recital which juxtaposed Mozart's c minor Fantasie and b minor adagio with Beethoven Sontatas Op. 101 and Op. 106.

"The pianistic world divides not only into those who can and cannot play the Hammerklavier Sonata, but those who actually make sense or not of it. So, even though he kept Beethoven’s masterpiece until last, the first thing to say about Andreas Haefliger’s Wigmore Hall recital is that he belongs to that elite group of interpreters worth hearing in this music. As one of the most serious, questing pianists on the circuit today, he approached this Everest of the repertoire with respect and humility but also a very necessary fearlessness. 

There was fire in Haefliger’s fingers as he tore with fervour into the opening, yet poetry was never far away. A complete Beethovenian, he delivered the short scherzo with idiomatic momentum before settling into the long Adagio, truly the spiritual heart of the work. Bringing coherence without simplifying things, he shaped a flowing performance that showed how this movement might be rooted in barcarolle rhythms – as if Beethoven was dreaming up the darkest canals of a Venice he never visited. Beethoven’s experimental writing reaches its peak in the finale, and Haefliger handled the fugal textures with breathtaking virtuosity."

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"Haefliger’s genius is in that gap between keyboard and mind"