Andreas Haefliger comes from a rich tradition of music making and is acclaimed for his sensitivity, musical insights and transcendent pianism.

Known for his innovative programming, he brings an all-encompassing passion and humanity to his concert appearances and recordings.

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Leonard Bernstein wrote his 2nd Symphony after W.H Auden’s “Age of Anxiety”. Completely overwhelmed by this opinion-dividing masterpiece, he endeavored to write a symphonic poem in which he matches the timelessly excessive honesty of Auden. The pianist plays the protagonist and takes on the difficult task of portraying the characters and thoughts of the four actors as they make their way through an evening of ever increasing inebriation and existential parlance. As described by Bernstein in the score, the moods range from tender to grotesque, and the piece unfolds as the pianist speaks, murmurs, dances and fights with and against the orchestra until a culminating piano chord reunites humanity with its god. It is a thrilling and virtuosic journey!

Andreas Haefliger will perform Bernstein’s Symphony No.2 ‘The Age of Anxiety’ with Alondra de la Parra and Queensland Symphony Orchestra at Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Australia on 24 and 25 August. The performance on 25 August will be broadcast live on ABC Classic FM




"Haefliger’s genius is in that gap between keyboard and mind"