Andreas Haefliger comes from a rich tradition of music making and is acclaimed for his sensitivity, musical insights and transcendent pianism.

Known for his innovative programing, he brings an all-encompassing passion and humanity to his concert appearances and recordings.

Haefliger records exclusively for BIS Records.



Kung fu

"Kung Fu" is the Chinese term referring to any study, learning or practice that requires patience, energy, hard work and time to complete.

What started many years ago as an interest in the pure physical aspect of the movement and the relief it gives to the pianist who sits for many hours every day, has become a passion in searching for completeness in everything my life touches. Music, teaching, family and Kung Fu form a circle in which I search for my highest potential.

Click here to listen to Andreas Haefliger explain the connections between Kung Fu and music at the Shaolin temple in London with Kate Molleson on BBC Radio 3.

Andreas Haefliger at the Shaolin Temple UK, London © BBC Music Magazine

Andreas Haefliger at the Shaolin Temple UK, London © BBC Music Magazine


Haefliger featured in the March issue of BBC Music Magazine among musicians who dedicate time to their wellbeing in order to play better. Describing the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu, Haelfiger says “the movements … open up the body from the centre and give it many more possibilities of movement. As a result, I can play extremely softly - there are famous videos of kung fu monks who can walk on raw eggs by distributing their weight.” Read the full article in BBC Music Magazine here (subscription required).



I have never embraced an academic teaching position and find that my experience is most beneficial to the student in the concentrated situation of a masterclass or an intense private workshop.

I think of piano playing as an expression of the students’ talents and conflicts, and look to point out a harmony between them. This is the beginning of an interpretation, where you can bring to life the composers’ intention, without imposing yourself on them.


"Haefliger is one of the most intelligent 

pianists around."

Daily telegraph